Earthquakes and Tremors in Nigeria

Earthquakes and Tremors in the Nigeria Basin

Recently in Nigeria, a report of a minor tremor earthquake was recorded by the Obafemi Awolowo University monitoring station with a magnitude of 2.6. This earthquake was observed to be associated with the Ifewara-Zungeru Transcurrent Fault Zone system, in South-West Nigeria. The estimated epicentral distance of the tremor was between 108 and 113 km away from the measuring station at OAU Ile-Ife. The epicenter was somewhere along the NW-SE direction of Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria roughly placed close to Omu-Aran in North-Central Kwara State. (3) 

How many incidents have occurred in the last 10 years?

In Nigeria records of earthquakes and tremors in the last 10 years have barely been up to seven (7) as the data below shows. Nigeria has so far recorded over 38 earthquakes and tremors from 1933-01-01 to 2021-07-05. We have collated all data from multiple reliable sources that prove it. Kindly contact us at our email [email protected] for the purchase of data.

Date (year-month-day)Origin timeFelt areasIntensity/magnitudeProbable epicenterLatitudeLongitude
2011-11-050:00:00Abeokuta4.4Close to Abeokuta7.172175153.300487985
2016-08-100:00:00Bayelsa and Rivers states3Igbogene (Ogbogene)5.0355394896.402825827
2016-09-120:00:00Samban Dagi (Sambang Dagi)3Kaduna9.597650378.038932996
2018-09-052:30Abuja, Gitata in Nasarawa3.5Mpape Hills, Abuja9.121852697.485772824
2021-07-0511:11:25Abuja, SW2.6NW-SE direction of Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria roughly placed close to Omu-Aran in North-Central Kwara State.8.2066898585.119414106
10 Years Data on Earthquakes and Tremors in Nigeria

Map Earthquakes and Tremors in the Nigeria Basin

Interactive Maps and Locations and Dates and images

Map of Nigeria showing the study area, the Zungeru-Ifewara fault line

Map of Nigeria showing the study area, the Zungeru-Ifewara fault and some major towns along the fault line.
Map of Nigeria showing the study area, the Zungeru-Ifewara fault, and some major towns along the fault line (view source).

How Prepared Are We in Nigeria for Earthquakes?

What does it mean to be earthquake or tremor prepared, lessons from other countries on earthquakes disaster preparedness means to have the following in place:

  • Monitoring centers located in multiple or specific locations within a country with public access to data reports on predetermined fault zones as presented by Geophysicist and Geophysical surveys.
  • Learn the safe spots in each room of your home. A safe spot may be underneath a sturdy table away from walls or underneath your covers with a pillow over your head if you are already in bed. During an earthquake, most deaths and injuries are caused by collapsing building materials and heavy falling objects.
  • Plan and practice what to do if an earthquake strikes. This will help you easily coordinate when an earthquake occurs.
  • Create an evacuation plan to evacuate a damaged area afterward. Mark where your emergency supply kit (i.e fire extinguishers, food supplies, first-aid package, An ax, shovel, broom, A rope for towing or rescue, Sturdy shoes, hard gloves), locate and turn off switches and values if possible.

How are Earthquakes Measured?

Earthquakes and tremors are measured using Richter Magnitude Scale (shown below)

When should we start getting worried about Earthquakes and Tremors in the Nigeria Basin

First, you need to understand the science of earthquake dictation and prediction. The data capture so far on tremors and earthquakes in Nigeria in comparison to other countries shows that we have had relatively low magnitudes. You can start getting worried when the magnitude goes above 5 on the scale.

Other Potential Natural Disasters

The are many natural disasters and associated health hazards in the world, those that should be of concern to Nigeria are;

  • Flooding 
  • Earthquake 
  • Drought 
  • Volcanic Eruption
  • Landslides or Mudslides
  • Lightning 
  • Extreme Heats
  • Wildfires
  • Tornadoes

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