IT Jobs at International Monetary Fund

IT Jobs at International Monetary Fund

IT Jobs at International Monetary Fund Jobs October 26, 2020

IT Job Roles
1) Process Automation CoE Lead, A13-A14 ITD CE
2) Sr. /Systems Analyst (SWIFT), A11-A12 ITDAI FP
3) Internal and Corporate Support Product Family Owner, A13-A14 ITD FP
4) IT Program Lead, A13-A14 ITD PM
5) Budget Officer, A11-A12 ITDAI RM
6) Financial Management Lead, A13-A14 ITDAI RM
7) Vendor Management Officer, G11-G12
8) Digital Asset & Innovation Platform Family Owner, A13-A14 ITDCM
9) Scientific Computing (Engineering) Lead II, A14-A15 ITDCM
10) Systems Engineer – (Digital asset & Innovation) A11-A12 ITDCM
11) AI Solutions Engineer / Sr. AI Solutions Engineer, A11-A12 ITDCM
12) Platform Architect, A13-A14 ITDEA
13) Service Delivery Lead, A13-A14 ITDEP
14) Integration Platform Family Owner, A13-A14 TDEPDW
15) Quality Assurance Specialist, G11-G12 ITDAI FC
16) Release Specialist, G11-G12 ITDAI FC
17) Product/Platform Security Analyst, Sr. Product/Platform Security Analyst, A11-A12 ITDAI SG
18) Product/Platform Security Lead I, Product/Platform Security Lead II, A13-A14 ITDAI SG
19) InfoSec Domain Architect Lead I, InfoSec Domain Architect Lead II, A13-A14 ITDEA
20) CD Product Family Owner, A13-A14 ITDCS

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